Why Spectrum

We strive to be a leader in the education and test preparation industry with our commitment in developing successful IITians, Engineers, and Doctors and create good citizens.

For over 33 years backed by trust of 1, 16,000 students the group has forayed into formal education with its dedicated Schools affiliated to CBSE & RBSE boards.

Today SPECTRUM known for its sincerity and commitment to student fraternity is setting its footprint across India and wishes to carry the legacy of success among the student fraternity of this young nation. Our strategy is to continuously strengthen our quality deliverables to student fraternity by continuous development of resources and offerings to be at the pinnacle of success.

Reasons to be part of SPECTRUM Business Associate

. Not impacted by business cycles.

. A Growing market Rs.16000crores approximately, Awareness for quality conscious deliverables.

. No stress of under recovery of loss of revenue.

. Prime Commercial Location not required.

. Easy Work Timings.

. Close coordination with school's academic calendar.

. Respect from community.

. High degree of satisfaction as this gives you ample scope to contribute in nation building and lay foundation to future citizenry.

What we Offer

SPECTRUM shall provide the Brand, Academic Support, the Marketing System, the Examination centric curriculum updation support, the Centre Operating Support System and Consultancy on running the Centre.